Radio Silence

I’ve been very quiet on here, social media and pretty much everywhere lately. It’s difficult to know what to share when I’m not doing anything creative… Basically, since around September last year, all I’ve done is prepare for Christmas with Yeomans Car Art, print and post orders over Christmas, and now I’m in the middle of switching over my Yeomans Car Art website, which involves a lot of mind-numbing spreadsheet tapping and image uploading; none of this is really “instagram-ready”. So, as I say, it’s difficult to know what to share. The only creative work I’ve done during this time, has been commissions and often these are purchased as gifts so difficult to share images of these too.

The whole thing is rather frustrating, so last night I forced a pencil into my hand for the first time in an age and drew a portrait of my son.

It’s an ok drawing of a little boy… it’s not really my little boy though! Oh well… more practice needed.


Car Illustrations - Roadside Icons

So far this year, I’ve been spending a bit of time on some new car illustrations... With my car caricatures, it’s always been my take on an existing style and I tend to focus on what cars might sell, or what cars people ask me to do. I very rarely just draw a car because I want to.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a more personal approach with a new series of car art. The basic idea is to create my dream garage in drawing form... it’s very unlikely I’ll ever be able to create it in real life! That doesn’t mean to say it will all be exotic supercars! There will definitely be some affordable classics in there, and probably some that will seem out of place in a dream garage. I quite often will see a random car on eBay and think of what I might do with it, if it was mine (and money was no object!), so hopefully, I’ll add a few of those too.

As well as some customised classics (like the VW Van below), I might also create some of my own designs... that’s the wonderful thing about drawing... the only barrier is the imagination!

These Roadside Icons illustrations are available as prints from

Illustration of a Volkswagen T25 Panel Van customised exactly how I would I like to have one!

Illustration of a Volkswagen T25 Panel Van customised exactly how I would I like to have one!

Latest Works

Creation of new paintings has been pretty sporadic of late, and not really with an overarching theme, but I still want to feature some of this work on my website, so I've created a gallery that includes them.

I'm exploring the abstract side of my work more and using the futurist style that was born from both the 'Rain' and 'Santorini' series. I've been reworking some of my previous paintings in this style, just to see how the different approach works with the same subjects; and with 'The Girl', I was playing with how little of a famous painting I can use whilst still being able to recognise it.

The Girl abstract furturist art painting_WHITE.jpg

As well as reworking, I've also been creating new works inspired by some of my own design sketches and from existing architecture.

I feel that I am getting somewhere with this latest work and that it might the first steps in bringing everything together. At the same time, I'm trying not to think about a 'grand plan' too much and instead... just do it... I'm definitely guilty of overthinking what goes where and why I'm doing certain things, whether it fits in with that work... should I keep that separate?... should I leave that until I've finished this?... Basically, trying to edit and organise work before I've even created it. I think I should take a more "concept design" approach to my work... get all the ideas down first... work out what it means later.

Intellectual Property - A Little Rant

If anyone is wondering why some of my VW's have gone from Redbubble... Volkswagen have become the latest company to have my artwork taken down.

There's still 11,000 other works on there with VW's on, but not mine.

Other companies that have done the same are... BMW and Mini, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, JCB, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Red Bull.

I believe the intention of Intellectual Property laws were to protect creativity, however, increasingly, big companies seem intent on using these laws to punish creativity. The same creativity that many of them will use in some way to promote and further their businesses.

I don't believe that anybody buys any of my artwork thinking they are getting official merchandise and I have never suggested that it is. I also don't believe that it does any harm to their brand image, if anything, having artists and illustrators from around the world creating artwork inspired by their products creates a culture, lifestyle and community which only enhances that brand.

Big companies will never stop this creativity and, in my opinion, they would only be hurting themselves if they did.