Intellectual Property - A Little Rant

If anyone is wondering why some of my VW's have gone from Redbubble... Volkswagen have become the latest company to have my artwork taken down.

There's still 11,000 other works on there with VW's on, but not mine.

Other companies that have done the same are... BMW and Mini, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, JCB, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Red Bull.

I believe the intention of Intellectual Property laws were to protect creativity, however, increasingly, big companies seem intent on using these laws to punish creativity. The same creativity that many of them will use in some way to promote and further their businesses.

I don't believe that anybody buys any of my artwork thinking they are getting official merchandise and I have never suggested that it is. I also don't believe that it does any harm to their brand image, if anything, having artists and illustrators from around the world creating artwork inspired by their products creates a culture, lifestyle and community which only enhances that brand.

Big companies will never stop this creativity and, in my opinion, they would only be hurting themselves if they did.