Radio Silence

I’ve been very quiet on here, social media and pretty much everywhere lately. It’s difficult to know what to share when I’m not doing anything creative… Basically, since around September last year, all I’ve done is prepare for Christmas with Yeomans Car Art, print and post orders over Christmas, and now I’m in the middle of switching over my Yeomans Car Art website, which involves a lot of mind-numbing spreadsheet tapping and image uploading; none of this is really “instagram-ready”. So, as I say, it’s difficult to know what to share. The only creative work I’ve done during this time, has been commissions and often these are purchased as gifts so difficult to share images of these too.

The whole thing is rather frustrating, so last night I forced a pencil into my hand for the first time in an age and drew a portrait of my son.

It’s an ok drawing of a little boy… it’s not really my little boy though! Oh well… more practice needed.