Since 2014, the rain series has come very naturally to me and I’m very much enjoying the playful aspect of creating the abstract works. Every new piece I create is giving me more ideas about how I can move forward with the series, as well as ideas for other work. These latest works, inspired by futurism and suprematism, have led me to other aspects of the Futurist movement that I could experiment with; especially architecture. The idea of worldbuilding has intrigued me since Minority Report piqued my interest in the idea, and it further developed with various projects I explored at university. The desire to envision what the future could look like is something I can relate to with the Futurists, (although I certainly don’t share their appetite to dismiss everything from the past!). And whilst designing the future of this world is what mostly interests me, the idea of creating new worlds entirely is also an intriguing prospect.

The ‘Rain’ series started with the influence of graphic novels, and their stylised method of storytelling, so I find it interesting and exciting that these latest abstract studies could take me “full circle” and inspire stories.